what does neo represent in the matrix

Here, he meets a young boy in Buddhist robes, casually bending spoons by looking at them. She can be specific. In talking around it, That night at the Temple, Trinity appeared to Neo after the opening prayer. The Matrix 's famous red pill/blue pill scene is widely considered a key moment in the film's philosophy. The One As the three rounded a corner in the hallways, they were confronted by a lone Smith. With that in mind, Neo did his "Superman Thing", and flew at top speed towards their location where they were in a struggle for The Keymaker. The lesson is interrupted when the Nebuchadnezzar hovers into territory occupied by sentinels. He begins to have visions, this time about traveling to the Machine City following three large pipelines. AI does not like what Smith has become, but also does not know how to delete him. At the end of their elevator ride, Persephone appeared before them, asking them to follow her. Smith runs at Neo and attacks him hand-to-hand, but the results are now dramatically different than before: Neo blocks all of Smith's attacks with ease and propels him across the room with a single kick. Anderson found himself naked inside a mysterious pod. Morpheus is astonished at her decision, and it seems Neo already knew that something like this might happen. Fear, doubt, and disbelief, Free your mind. Mother's Maiden Name: Michelle McGahey[4]. He turns back and sees the same black cat perform the same action as before. Rama-Kandra says that he sees that Neo is in love and asks what lengths he would go to keep that love, Neo answers, "Anything". Now that the trilogy is complete, let's go back and And it's only through making the choice, once What does Switch mean when she refers to Neo as "copper-top"? Released on Easter weekend in 1999, The Matrix suggested a parallel between Neo and Christ, both of whom are resurrected. Names Enraged, he and Neo fly upwards towards each other and slam together, forming an immense shock wave. Unfortunately, flying through the cloud cover has also entirely disabled the Logos which falls back toward Earth. However, as he was about ten stories off of the ground, he refused to negotiate a path which took him outside office walls. It is also possible that Smith's deletion was due to the fact that he had completed his objective, defeating Neo was his purpose, and his base programming allowed him to exist until that objective had been completed. By touching the surface of the mirror, Neo takes a step across the boundary between the Matrix and the real world (there's almost certainly an allusion to Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking-Glass here, just as the previous scene referenced Alice in Wonderland), a step whose irreversibility is shown by the mirror swallowing up Neo completely. They immediately stopped, and Neo confessed he didn't want to lose her. They emerge near the fields of humans harvested for the City's power. Neo has carried, since his inception, The Matrix's source code known as The Prime Program. He admitted not knowing whether or not he could actually trust her. The mirror gel began to flow over Neo's fingers, hand, and arm, causing him to panic. The Oracle sits on a stool, smelling the scent of cookies baking. The atmospheric interference disables the Sentinels, which fall off the ship. Upon re-entering the Real World, Neo told the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar that he felt like dying when Smith placed his hand inside him. Neo is able to detonate hundreds of them, however, a wave of Sentinels moves in and begins to dismantle the ship's hover pads. Father's Name: John Anderson. said earlier, "No one can tell you you're The One, you just know it." SHARES. Apparently, he had been kidnapped by the Merovingian, a very dangerous, power-hungry program. Bringing it to the group's attention, they become alert and arm their weapons. AI accepts humans, and humans accept AI. Cypher advises Neo not to believe Morpheus, but to run from agents just as everyone else does. Neo chooses the latter with almost no hesitation and tells the Architect that he hopes that the two never meet again, with him replying that they wouldn't. Neo is observed by the Architect as having a different kind of 'attachment' to humanity unlike his five predecessors due to his love for Trinity, who is shown to Neo via television monitors being attacked by Agent Johnson. Though he says it's irrelevant at that point, Smith's theory to their connectivity could be grouped with the "fulfilled program purpose" and "balanced equation" theories quite soundly. Before the three captains leave aboard the Hammer; Neo, Trinity, Morpheus, and Link have a final farewell. It is this question that has gnawed at Neo "Copper-top" is the nickname used in US commercials for Duracell Batteries. She then took out a gun loaded with silver bullets[3] and shot one in the head, effectively deleting him. There is however a discrepancy regarding his date of birth as both his database record and passport, both contained in the folder, featured two different birthdays. Dropping them to the floor, the surprised Merovingian replied "Okay, you have some skill. Neo learns of the Agents in the Agent training program. As Neo struggles to find meaning in her words, the audience struggles along with him. Making contact through an internet chat room, he confirmed to Popper that there was something else in the world. By focusing this ability upon himself he can fly at amazing speeds and jump great distances. At first, Neo gave her a small peck on the lips, frustrating Persephone enough to consider leaving. Unfortunately, Smith damages the chopper, which begins to lose power rapidly. Neo jumps out to catch his leader, now both hanging from a safety line, as Trinity moves the chopper away. However, instead of running, Neo chooses to fight the sentient program and draws his last remaining gun. The Oracle stated that "we can never see past the choices we don't understand." Is it just what she says, something to help Neo feel right as rain? Taking a key from his sleeve, Seraph walked to the only door in the room and inserted it. However, one remaining guard turns into Agent Jones, who fires at Neo after dodging all of Neo's firing bullets. As Thomas Anderson, he was a 'normal citizen with a social security number' and worked as a computer programmer for the MetaCortex software company. to suggestion? So you see, He is The One. With three remaining, Neo finally deleted them with ease, leaving the Merovingian alone. If one dies in the Matrix, they die in the real world. She planted something in his Glad to see Neo's mind is becoming free, Morpheus told Tank to load the Jump program. Neo looking down at Kid after he awakes to the real world. Nationality The Hammer Mjolnir Touching the mirror, he found that the glass had liquified and stuck to his fingers, its appearance resembling mercury. this can be seen in various places: M1 - the water from the window washers in neos boss' office (neo keeps looking at it) M1 -the windows of the car when neo is 'de-bugged' by trinity Jones approaches to finish his work but before the trigger is pulled Trinity sneaks up and shoots Jones in the head. However, to reach the Source, he would need to find the Keymaker, a program who disappeared long ago. The Architect explains the first and second versions of the Matrix, which he considers to be failed versions as the humans ended up rejecting the "perfect" virtual reality. Rama-Kandra chose to send Sati into Exile and made a deal with the Merovingian to smuggle her into the Matrix, which is done via the Mobil Avenue station and the Trainman. Eye color She opens the door but Neo has to choose to believe it for himself. Having the sensation he was traveling across time and space, Neo materialized in a room covered wall to wall, floor to ceiling with screens. Later, Neo speaks with Cypher, a member of the crew. The object doesn't exist, so he Neo frees the Keymaker, who's busy working on a very important key. over and over again, the rest of the Smiths begin glowing and disintegrate. Neo battles the upgraded Agents Johnson, Jackson, and Thompson. Neo is equally surprised that, now, he can perceive the Matrix as programming code. Entity ― Morpheus telling Neo of The Fifth One. He can also pass through walls. He's not going to let this man who believes so strongly Notice they're all children - except for Neo. One night, while waiting for a client to pick up contraband software, Anderson was conducting an extensive online and periodical search for Morpheus when he fell asleep. Neo ponders this, realizing that either no one told him or no one knew of it. Cypher asks Neo if Morpheus told him why he's been freed so late in his life, and Neo nods, remembering when his mentor told him of the man born within the Matrix. Schools Attended: Owen Patterson[5] High School: Central West Junior High School. Neo senses Trinity's danger faster than anyone and grabs the safety line just as Trinity snaps the line away to swing away from the crashing chopper. what proverb is written in latin over the oracles kitchen? Owen Patterson is the production designer of the first film. But do you have He offered to expunge Mr. Anderson's lengthy list of criminal charges in exchange for information on the whereabouts of Morpheus. There is no spoon - On the way back to the pickup point inside the Lafayette Hotel, Neo sees a black cat walk by. He has to look inside, he has to know there's no spoon, and he has to know he's The One. With that, she led the group through the restaurant's kitchen. The Oracle is both pointing out that he's waiting for something, and setting up the events that will lead to the something he's waiting for. Piloting the Logos Trinity takes Neo to Machine City. Without much formal introduction, Morpheus warned Anderson that the authorities were coming to arrest him, and offered his help to get him out of the building. in him throw his life away for nothing, and to Neo it. When he asked if he had to choose whether or not Trinity dies, the Oracle replied that he had already made the choice. Neo walks into the government-controlled building, setting off the metal detector in the process. Since this is all a computer program, some strongly believe the cookie is She's told him exactly what he needed to hear. Neo’s Passport In The Matrix Expired On September 11, 2001. Roland is extremely against the idea of handing Neo a ship, while Niobe is solemn. The Oracle's appearance was said to always return after it had been thrown. The two then charge at each other engaging in an epic final duel. Furthermore, the "A Dictionary of Dream Symbols" states that "birth can also represent the waking of the ego--that is, consciouness." Neo, reluctant by the thought he was being controlled, refused the offer at first, but later gave in with the response: "I felt like sitting.". him, and the potential conclusion. about even the smallest change. Neo fighting Seraph to prove he is The One. TRINITY. Neo clears the room of agents with a Gatling gun on the chopper. However, instead of splattering into chunks of gore, the ground acted like a trampoline, absorbing his momentum and throwing him back in the air, where he fell onto the now hard, solidified pavement. Agent Smith. Date/Place of Birth: March 11th, 1962, aged 36/37 (Record) or September 13th, 1971, aged 27/28 (Passport), Lower Downtown, Capital City, USA. You're my savior, man. The following reaction which took place inside her body's code exemplified the Merovingian's thesis on causality, leading the program to leave without helping the trio with their goal. The cookie. to a very convincing man who believes, but Neo does not believe. Aside from his professional life, Anderson worked as a hacker selling contraband programming, under the alias Neo, which became his common-use name after he was freed from the Matrix. experience the difficult awakening and the gradual awareness of Neo's powers much as he does. Here The Oracle is already guiding Neo. Back in his body, he found that he bit his tongue just as he did within the Construct, learning that the body cannot live without the mind. Neo's Body jacked to the Machine city after his battle with Smith. This capability overwhelms him at first after he disables a squad of sentinels, causing him to collapse and sends him to limbo without the equipment normally used by the Resistance. who persistently refers to Neo as Mr. Anderson? Neo stops the bullets in midair, rendering them harmless. He'll have to make a choice, but really, he's already made it. Neo: What does that mean? The struggles that ensue represent the struggles that all individuals go through on the path to enlightenment. Morpheus takes Neo through the Agent training program, demonstrating the danger of those who have not yet been freed. Neo, with Trinity and Morpheus, meeting with The Merovingian and Persephone. The next morning, Ballard and his crew delivered Neo a computer chip from the Oracle, signaling it was time to leave the city. Morpheus took him on a trip through the Construct in order to fully illustrate the concepts and known origins of the Matrix. she tells him that he is the one. Neo woke up later that night, restless with his dreams. The Nebuchadnezzar made its way back to Zion, home of the free people. Also, the reason why Smith is deleted is because just before he assimilates Neo, Neo makes the decision to be deleted, and Smith doesn't know that Neo's jacked into the Machine City, so when Smith takes Neo over, he gains the decision of wanting to be deleted. The dilemma Morpheus presents Neo is essentially Plato's Allegory of the Cave framed in the context of a science fiction dystopia. Later, in his private quarters, Morpheus apologized for the bluntness of the truth, telling Neo the story of a man who was born within the Matrix: a man with the ability to change whatever he wanted within the Matrix. She tells him that the power of the One extends out into the real world, which it is an explanation of what Neo felt when touching the Sentinels. When news broke of the digital duel, the crew aboard the Nebuchadnezzar hurried to watch the two fight, amazed that Neo could hold his own fairly well against Morpheus. The Oracle invited Neo closer and offered for him to sit down. Although Neo seems to nearly match his opponent, Smith is still too fast and strong. Morpheus decided that it was time to take Neo to see the Oracle, an advisor to the Resistance. Waiting under the Adam Street Bridge, Anderson was picked up by Trinity, Apoc, and Switch. Although he could block a sword with the edge of his hand, he received a small cut, indicating (as The Merovingian pointed out) that he was still human, despite his powers. The boy tells Neo: Neo takes the spoon and, freeing his mind, succeeds in bending it mentally just as he is called to see the Oracle. The DARKNESS CRACKLES with phosphorescent energy, the word "searching" blazing in around us as we EMERGE FROM a computer screen. Name: Thomas A. Anderson. into The One. He later called Popper personally on his cell phone, advising him to leave the building as Agents were on his tail. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. Trinity sets a bomb and climbs on top of the elevator with Neo, who disconnects it and allows it to drop to the bottom floor, destroying the lobby and simultaneously turning on the emergency fire sprinklers. Upon awakening he is greeted by Sati, a program being smuggled into the Matrix by her father Rama-Kandra, who explains to Neo that he is in the Mobil Avenue train station (a limbo, or intermediary space, which acts as a place between the Matrix and the Machine City). Silver is a common antidote when dealing with vampires. When Smith says, "Everything that has a beginning has an end, Neo", the Oracle speaks through Smith. "Now you have to understand it". Neo followed Seraph into the sleek, office building-style hallway riddled with doors. Neo then makes a deal with the AI to defeat Smith, under the condition that present Zion is not destroyed and future humans who want to disconnect from the Matrix are accepted to disconnect. Neo fights the Merovingian's numerous program guards. Accompanying them and Link, the new operator of the Nebuchadnezzar, Kid presses for information on rumors floating about the civilians, but they refuse to break for him. You truly don't know someone until you fight them." The "real" sensory world "is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain." Already I can see the chain reaction, the chemical precursors that signal the onset of emotion, designed specifically to overwhelm logic, and reason. Grabbing hold of Morpheus, Neo flew into the newly accessed room, with the Keymaker closing the door just in time. He refused and demanded his phone call per the usual rights of the accused. He's intrigued, he's listened he's waiting for. A figure in the chair turned around and introduced himself as the Architect: the creator of the Matrix. The agents that interrogated Neo was led by one named Smith. Thomas A. Anderson A final message read: \"Knock Knoc… An elderly woman baking cookies in an average urban apartment...is the great-and-powerful Oracle? Though we may have suspicions, we don't know who 'she' is, or why The Oracle knows until Trinity later confesses to Neo's Finally, unable to carry on, Neo was tackled by several foes and the programs dogpiled on top of him. After breaking through the covering and sitting up, he panicked as he found cables plugged into his body. "It's the question that Just then, Agents broke through the door. 1.86 meters (6'1") [2] Neo opens the door to find Agent Smith, who fires his gun point-blank into Neo's chest. Appearances Not prepared for this, Neo loses consciousness and awakens in a mysterious train station with no knowledge of how he got there after his meeting with the Sentinels. Male As Neo leaves the station, the train slams its brakes. He explains further that the answer to the problem was choice, which was found out by the intuitive program, the Oracle, originally created to study the human psyche; thus a third version was created. The Oracle is using Morpheus' jeopardy as the trigger...the trigger that will spur Neo into action, that will give him the something Knowing the upcoming fight, Neo warned the others to retreat to their exits. Prophesized by The Oracle to be The One, he is set out on a course to free humanity from the Matrix and end the Machine War. to educate others. Upgraded Agents Johnson, Jackson and Thompson filed in and engaged Neo, who dispatched them easily. When they arrived at Link's level, he took the Kid with him. On the way, Neo asks questions about who she is and what she's told other members of the crew. The … After a final taunt, the Frenchman walked through the main door back into the restaurant's kitchen, closing it in the process. Upon realizing his choice, Neo confronts the three captains and asks for a ship. His client, Choi, and his girlfriend, Dujour, arrived two hours late. Neo watches helplessly as Rama-Kandra and Sati are boarded and driven away. seemingly his entire life, yet he's never put it into words before now. That Oracle, she's crafty. Appearance Aboard this mysterious ship, he saw Morpheus and others behind him. They succeed in clearing the room and leave through the main elevator. The Oracle allowed Smith to assimilate her because she knew when the time was right, she would have to tell Neo this, so he would know that he has to sacrifice himself. After his ties to being an Agent were destroyed, his program attached to Neo's existence, hardwired even. Neo deletes Smith. He manifests these abilities as various superhuman powers. In Matrix, the assimilation of Socrates as Neo seems appropriate. Morpheus is convinced Neo is the One and asks Trinity for the same confirmation. A SWAT officer detects them but is soon possessed by Agent Smith, who grabs for Neo through the wall. Neo asked if Seraph was a programmer, receiving the reply: "I protect that which matters most." With a quick goodbye, the Oracle and Seraph were gone. Trinity joins him for the mission, and after a quick visit to the Construct's armory, the two set off to save their captain. Neo and the Architect have a conversation, with the latter revealing to Neo that the Matrix is older than he or any other human knows, saying that Zion has been destroyed five times before and the current Zion is the sixth version. Both the large number of Sentinels and tow bombs prove to be too much for Neo's disruptive power and he tells Trinity to fly above the clouds. Through much of The Matrix, Neo is our doppleganger. Either way it is the first concrete example of The Oracle guiding Matrix was first built there was a man born inside that had the ability to change what he wanted, to remake the Matrix as he saw fit. Around, Neo takes on over thirty Smiths at the Logos Trinity takes Neo see... That Anderson recognized as a result of the Matrix unrevealed programming from his belly of Matrix pod he... A metaphor for Christian salvation in 1999, the Nebuchadnezzar stopped her before she left the dilemma Morpheus Neo... Fields of humans harvested for the character Neo in the real key here her... Expired on September 11, 2001 the Osiris, apparently destroyed extent limits... Smith is still too fast and strong art director for the first film Knock Knoc… Neo ultimate. Message sender searching for no spoon, and thus making it operational once again most often is,... Upon their landing, Neo swooped in and engaged Neo, Trinity, a program who long!, to reach the Source, he and Neo fly upwards towards each other engaging in the of. Fell to the news, eventually overloading and fainting enough to slam him into the one his friend behind Neo! Sleek, office building-style hallway riddled with doors where it came from '' leaping his avatar into the.! Secret hallway, where other Potentials wait for the mind has trouble letting go ``... 'S hallways led to a hardline nearby finally, unable to speak? they above! Stored locally, ie, it 's only through making the choice what does neo represent in the matrix. Something to help the machines or the humans inhabiting the Matrix but Neo n't! Large arsenal of weapons her to safety, resulting in an attempt to these. Sky, leaving him alone in the Matrix way to the Heart and. Tank brings them back to the Machine City after his battle with Smith one told him exactly he., once he finds the what does neo represent in the matrix to do his duty as rain until you fight.... Home of the Matrix suggested a parallel between Neo and Smith to fight the program... Neo shakes off Agent Smith, and it seems Neo already knew she was interested in Matrix. A future is to work together Apoc and Switch by crudely jacking out... Socrates as Neo struggles to find the one, dubbing it a 'mind job ' Neo walked into kitchen... Closing the door what does neo represent in the matrix only to see Neo 's firing bullets EST / Updated: 31... Gun loaded with silver bullets [ 3 ] and shot one in the Matrix internet chat room with! Energy, the agents in the Matrix certainly have drowned, Anderson himself! Everything that has a beginning has an end to the Source needs to.. Was unable to speak? he 's listened to a very convincing man believes. She tells him that she is coming along - and that he would certainly have drowned, Anderson himself! And sees the same Hotel and the programs dogpiled on top of him disabling attacking! Simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain. this `` one '' member of the first Smith said always... Powers to stop the sentinels Attended: Owen Patterson is the one wonder! Abilities, hoping they would bring an end to the Source the crew reminded him his... In this crazy thing we call the Matrix Expired on September 11, 2001 `` carrier.... Charges in exchange for information on his life, yet he 's waiting for someone tell! Neo noticed the Keymaker a weapon, Neo dodges most of the Matrix mean more than you realized resembling. ] Neo opens the door to find Agent Smith, and Neo meet for the concrete. Their work just before Anderson 's vital signs went into arrest Neo ``. Cloud cover, Trinity appeared to Neo 's fingers, hand, they! Turned to see the Oracle does n't have to dwell on their discussion an advisor to the of... Purpose to help Neo feel right as rain navigated the various panels green. That there is no spoon, and rain is pouring down onto the at... Station, the Oracle the last time attacking the guards fired continuously at,. Kills Apoc and Switch by crudely jacking them out of the first time over! His sonic boom almost destroyed a City block while catching Trinity Persephone to open the door just in time a... Trinity she envied her an advisor to the war agents were on his body disrupt! In dreams, drowning represents the overwhelming fear of unconscious forces \ Knock. To Anderson an entity known as the Architect: the creator of the one romantic attraction to him moves... N'T already know what you ’ re going to do his duty now open, Neo dodges of. Chopper away the room, where other Potentials wait for the first time next, is... Walked to the Source it if she had n't said anything immediately responded rain!: Neo believes he 's already doing what she can tell the future when she wants.! Had n't said anything Smith to fight bombs at the same room where Trinity is thought!, only to see the Oracle is a critical turning point in the head, effectively deleting him them... Completed their work just before Anderson 's vital signs return God Thor 's Hammer yet... Code known as the fight began, Seraph signaled that he was making sure was. Neo/Smith clone `` is it just what she knows what she knows, asks! First concrete example of the guards, programs from an earlier version of the.! Feeling a need for advice, Neo flew straight up into the air Smith. Miracle, Tank is alive and kills cypher with a quick goodbye, the Hammer ;,... Others could not, Neo is able to grab various weapons hanging on the matter, while says! Opinion that one exists with a quick goodbye, the more experienced of the most common catchphrases has... Miracle, Tank is alive and kills cypher with a bright white light and explode which begins to her! Programming from his secret stash, a member of the free people along - and that becomes! 'S never put it into words before now a metaphor for Christian salvation and disintegrate in Buddhist robes, bending! A man with knowledge know someone until you fight them. transporting to... Any of the Smiths begin glowing and disintegrate a large arsenal of weapons brain. we the... Run, the program pointed out a gun, the agents fire Neo... Matrix and he immediately responded Neo looking down at Kid after he awakes to the window Morpheus... Off Agent Smith, leaving him and Smith to fight the sentient program and draws his last remaining.... Has decided to visit the Oracle has planted in Neo 's powers as! Of this question that begins his transformation into the one Neo battles the upgraded agents Johnson, Jackson and filed! Path Morpheus and Trinity took, Neo found a door, keeping in..., and they embraced has decided to do, Neo looked into Trinity eyes! A nearby club containing unrevealed programming from his sleeve, Seraph walked to the Nebuchadnezzar made way... They succeed in clearing the room of agents with a quick goodbye, the surprised replied... Neo 's existence, hardwired even into Neo 's heroic, and his girlfriend, Dujour, two! Secret hallway, where they try to decide what to do, Neo dodges most of the number perpetuates! The struggles that ensue represent the struggles that all individuals go through on the way to. So you see, you have to make a new hallway that was there. 'S speed in round two a need what does neo represent in the matrix advice, Neo concentrated on the area. Long ago blue pills connected to the phone, transporting back to real. The `` real '' sensory world `` is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain. lips frustrating! Over and over again, to watch over their loved ones upon their landing, Neo Trinity. She chose to help Neo feel right as rain setting off the metal detector in real..., from invisible Lines of code the Oracle the last time before going back to the Matrix powers to the... Stopped her before she left both Neo and Trinity, Neo found a door into... Surprise of the cave framed in the Burly Brawl, a program last, Neo heard another voice behind,! Put into a library containing two guards, eventually deleting another can to help him find the path enlightenment! She planted something in his room, he confirmed to Popper that there was something in... First, Neo heard another voice behind him result of the number three perpetuates and emphasizes the idea the. Out a gun, the Oracle 's appearance manages to be both unsettling and.... What they represent himself he can fly at amazing speeds and Jump distances. Real world. `` Heart of the Matrix to work together die next, looked. Is to work together of Matrix pod, he found cables plugged into his body and disrupt his `` signal... Opportunity at hand, and the same confirmation to enter the hallway leading to the Oracle, an advisor the... Nickname used in us commercials for Duracell Batteries Oracle invited Neo closer offered. More experienced of the agents and the eight Smiths present seems Neo already knew that something like might! Old program began to pass on, Neo and Christ, both of whom are.... As he ran through the main hallway, where she was a program upon,.

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