complete subject and complete predicate examples with answers

... answer choices . The dogs (subject) / were barking loudly (predicate). Crocodiles have more teeth than humans. Complete Subject and Predicates: This cootie catcher is a great way for students to have fun while they practice identifying subjects and verbs within sentences. Activity 1: Underline the complete subject and encircle the complete predicate in the following sentences: 1. Complete Subject - Most Mammals. Played 785 times. Subjects and predicates worksheets. In these worksheets, students identify the subject and predicates in sentences. 5. For Example: Leena loves to play the piano. The man and his wife (subject) / were working in their garden (predicate). COMPLETE SUBJECT COMPLETE PREDICATE Children played. The subject is the person, thing, or idea about which something is said. Examples of subject and predicate … 4. The second part of the activity has them draw lines that separate the subject and the predicate in complete simple sentences. A subject is what the sentence is about; a predicate tells us what the subject is or does. The complete predicate includes all words that state the action or condition of the subject. Find this sentence structure worksheet and others on these pages: sentence structure worksheets and subject and predicate … How to Play and Assembly Instructions are included. Save. Example: The girl with the long black hair lives in front of my house. The pretty girl (subject) / was wearing a blue frock (predicate). 6. Complete Subjects and Predicates * Every sentence has two main parts: a complete subject and a complete predicate. For example, Iffat has opened her youtube channel for the first time. the verb. Answers. 8 examples of simple and complete predicate Example : Most Mammals run on four feet. The predicate contains a verb. 2. Example: Most birds | can fly. Complete Subject and Predicates DRAFT. Susan and Charlie will do their homework tomorrow. Complete Predicate - lives in front of my house. SUBJECT AND PREDICATE The two essential parts of every complete sentence are the subject and the predicate. The predicate can be a word or a group of words. 7th - 8th grade . The complete predicate therefore is - dragged a deer from the river bank. A complete predicate explains the complete thought and uses a single verb. My younger brother (subject) / serves in the army (predicate). When break down a sentence the subject is what (in other cases whom) the sentence is concentrated on. Examples of subject and predicate. My brother likes to eat tacos and nachos. The sentence completes the thought with the verb opened and modifier. 8 examples of simple and complete subject . by ahunt. The sun (subject) / was shining brightly (predicate). Everyday is a new day. 1. My brother has read all the harry potter books. Ann and Marie go to school early today. 0. Those tables and chairs are for sale. 83% average accuracy. English. 3. Her mom and dad call her every day. 5. 0. All boys and girls are walking quickly to the restroom. 4. This cootie catcher has students identifying the subject, verb, complete subject, an Subject and predicate Examples. ... Q. Complete Subject - The girl with the long black hair. 3 years ago. Example: Most birds | can fly. Wisdom is a priceless gift of God to man. The predicate tells something or asks something about the subject. The predicate is the part of the sentence containing a verb and not including the subject. The happy children played in the sandbox. A sentence can be considered to have two parts: a subject and a predicate. 3. Answers: 1, question: answers I dont know what that is Subject and Predicate (3 marks) Draw a vertical line between the complete subject and complete predicate in each of the following sentences. 6. The complete subject includes all words that tell who or what the subject is. Sentences are divided into two parts: the subject, which is who or what the sentence is about, and the predicate, which is everything else (verbs, adjectives, prepositional phrases, etc.). Then they fill in the missing subject or predicate. Identify the complete predicate below After school we are going to Dairy Queen for ice cream. 2.

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