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It appear as a severed dog's head. In-game Footage [edit | edit source] Trivia [edit | edit source] In the original game it was possible to control the crosshair with the mouse. Soy Milk = ??? -0.16 Shot Speed. Eye Of The Occult is a passive item. The Wiz. Synergies. Both Technologies and Ludovico Technique please. Depending on the amount of trinkets and effects of a transformation, each trinket might contribute as much as a passive item (weight 1), or some fraction of that. Menorah: Both spins and projectiles launched are multiplied. Sacred Heart. Enemies can still be frozen, and they can also still be burned. The Binding of Isaac has the item Epic Fetus, which replaces the player's attack with guided missiles that target a manually controlled crosshair. Soy Milk. The Ludovico Technique: The tear spawns flames at random. Donne un cœur d'âme. The Epic Fetus shot lasts a lot longer and shoots a lot more bombs than the regular 1 shot it normally does. Pyromaniac. 1 Achievements 2 Effects 3 Notes 4 Synergies 5 Interactions 6 In-game Footage 7 Gallery Unlocked Ice Tray - Clear Glacier for the first time. 1 Effects 2 Notes 3 Synergies 4 Interactions 5 In-game Footage 6 Trivia 7 Seeds Isaac's tears are replaced with guided missiles, like those used by the Doctor's Remote. Anti-Gravity. Ice Tray is an unlockable passive collectible added in Revelations Chapter 1. Mr. Mega: Significantly increases damage. Eye Sore: Chance to shoot one or more flames in a random direction. Synergies: [edit | edit source] 20/20: Doubles flames shot. It allows the player to control a single tear instead of shooting consistently. Ludovico Technique. The Afterbirth DLC not only added 120+ new items, but a whole host of new weapon synergies that have pretty darn cool effects. +21 Range. Isaac is traumatized with a wide eyed stare. Spirit Sword will open the door to Corpse as long as you have Mom's Knife. The bombs detonate simultaneously. The Ludovico Technique, Dr. Fetus, Epic Fetus, Cursed Eye, Technology, Monstro's Lung and Mom's Knife - Completely override Anti-gravity. Interactions. Monstro's Lung: Same effect as 20/20, except retains fire rate. Polyphemus. What happens when you get Ludovico Technique and Epic Fetus? Mint Gum: The flames are turned into snowflakes. The Binding of Isaac Mod OSTs 247,682 views To make it even crazier, add Inner Eye or Mutant Spider to have multiple missiles fire down. The Ludovico Technique Category: EBM / Industrial Album: The Ludovico Technique Stars: 2.5 Blurb: Harsh industrial and seething EBM in the vein of the current trends, yet still shows some potential to rise above. GodHead. Monstro's Lung: A fully charged spin attack … Sacred Heart. Mom's Knife: Flames spawn from the point of the knife when shot. Posted by 2 years ago. Just wanted to know, what are your favorite Item synergies? They are very common: Cricket's Head Tammy's Head Bob's Rotten Head Guppy's Head Infamy Goat Head Bob's Brain Fate Abel Lastly red chest items. Monstro’s lung is another divisive item, mainly due to the huge tear delay that comes with it. The Ludovico Technique: Tear turns into a spinning bone that rapidly spews out smaller bone shots on contact with enemies. Epic Fetus. File:DLC Indicator.png Shoots 6 bombs. Tiny Planet = ??? Epic Fetus. The damage stat is increased by 0.5 and multiplied by 1.5. Epic Fetus is a Special unlockable passive item. As an upcoming feature for the next update, Trinkets can also count towards transformations. Rubber Cement. Increases Tear Height so that shots can travel over some rocks. Pyromaniac with a lot of red health again will break this run too. 1 New Transformations 2 Changes 3 Notes 4 Trivia As of pre-release 1.1.2 (DD/MM/2020), there are 12 new Transformations. Technology: Overrides Bird's Eye. Rebirth adds The Ludovico Technique , which replaces the player's ability to shoot with a single, floating tear that can be manually controlled and continuously deals damage to enemies as long as it is in contact with them. Want to surpass even that? Yeah, I know I said the last one would be the last Isaac upload, but in my quest to unlock every item for my Collection page I found this buggy combination. Items that break this run: Epic Fetus, Dark Bum, Spirit of the Night. Mysterious Liquid = Creep Trail & Creep puddle on destruction Ludovico Technique = Control Boulder, Can still fall in holes. Mutant Spider. Polyphemus. Item Damage Note; Ludo Alone: 12.25: N/A: Brimstone: 10.5: Tear turns into a huge Brimstone ring: Dr. Fetus: 12.25: Ludo overrides: Epic Fetus: 80: Epic Fetus overrides If you see an item in this list in your run (you don't even need to pick it up, you just need to encounter the item), every other item in this list has a chance to be rerolled into something else. File:DLC Indicator.png Tech X: Overrides The Ludovico Technique. This was removed in Rebirth. Graphics & Sound Fixes Do you just control a bomb that keeps exploding? Mom's Knife. Spirit Sword: Projectile has a chance to be replaced by a flame. Goal: Mom Reward: Credit Card This run is interesting. This is completely contrary to the usage of Ludovico which enable Isaac to damage enemies at a safe distance. Les tirs ennemis qui touchent Isaac ont une chance d'être renvoyé à l'ennemis, infligeant des … Cursed! The Ludovico Technique - Anti-synergy: The further the Ludovico tear away from Isaac, the lower the damage dealt by it. When combined with Ludovico, however, this delay becomes a thing of the past. ːtq_sirːDarkforcefilms, AKA "Is_Very_Sick"ːtq_sirː Missiles deal 20 times Isaac's damage. Thank you for becoming a member. My personal favorite would be the old but gold, Tammy's Head + Brimstone. What happens when you get Ludovico Technique and Epic Fetus? Tiny Planet: Overridden by Epic Fetus. When tears are floating stationary, they do not gain any benefit from Lump of Coal. share. The Ludovico Technique: Overrides The Ludovico Technique. You are likely to pickup at least one or two of them per run, maybe … The synergy of The Ludovico Technique, Brimstone, and Dr. Fetus will no longer softlock the player. It can be as many items as you want. The synergy of The Ludovico Technique, Technology, and Mom's Knife will no longer softlock the player. The tear can not damage anything or be controlled when stuck to an enemy. One such synergy is that of Monstro’s Lung and Ludovico. It appears in Devil Rooms with a cost of 2 heart containers. Archived. 10.) Epic Fetus: Overrides The Ludovico Technique. Epic Fetus: Overrides Bird's Eye. Get the best of Sporcle when you Go Orange.This ad-free experience offers more features, more stats, and more fun while also helping to support Sporcle. The Ludovico Technique: Fires spawn and go out in random directions from the main tear. Tears can be controlled mid-flight, similar to Ludovico Technique but affects all of Isaac's tears. A Lump of Coal - Poor synergy. The Ludovico Technique: Bomb can be controlled before exploding, similar to Epic Fetus. The Ludovico Technique. File:DLC Indicator.png The Wiz: Control of the crosshair is rotated 45 degrees clockwise. 1 Effects 2 Synergies 2.1 Interactions 2.2 In-game Footage 2.3 Gallery +1 Damage. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast . Mom's Knife: Spin attack throws the sword and causes it to spin several times before returning to Isaac. The Ludovico technique is a passive item in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Ipecac plus Epic Fetus plus a damage multiplier of at least 1.5 (Cricket's Head, Magic Mushroom, Eve's Mascara, and a few others). Fires 2 missiles in rapid succession. Changes the players tears into ice cubes which slide on the ground, leaving creep. Max's Head is an item only available in the original The Binding of Isaac game. I don't even know if Ludovico Technique does anything with fetus items so I would stay away from that too if somehow you could even find it. Increases the size of tears and causes tears to inflict more knock back on enemies. Tiny Planet. Close. Visually, it looks similar to the item Technology and adds specula forcing Isaac's eyes open as well as mechanical devices to his upper head. Epic Fetus: Overrides Epic Fetus. 20/20. The Binding of Isaac: Revelations Secret Boss Music "Mirror Mirror on the Floor" - Duration: 5:28. 100% Upvoted. If it touches an enemy, it will stick to it, grow in size, then explode. Spiders can only be spawned when the firing key is held, which means not releasing tears. (Boss trap rooms?) The Ludovico Technique: Overridden by Epic Fetus. Godhead. Missiles benefit from most bomb-enhancing effects. Tech X. Click two items on the left to see how they interact! This thread is archived. File:DLC Indicator.png Explosivo: Tear will alternate between "normal" and black. Fire Mind fires spawned from Angelic Prism tears will no longer damage the player. 4 comments. Sad Bombs. save hide report. Ice Tray is unlocked by clearing the Glacier floorpath for the first time. Metal Plate est un objet passif ajouté dans l'extension Afterbirth †. It is named after a dog that Edmund McMillen wanted as a child. Monstro's Lung. 1. Epic Fetus Tears now become a target that can be controlled by the player similarly to the Ludovico technique, and after a few seconds calls down a missile to that location. Spectral Tears: Bones pass through obstacles and generate shards for each obstacle they pass through, which can result in many shards being generated from a single bone. Mom's Wig - Poor synergy. Epic Fetus = Overrides Spectral Tears = Idk Midas Touch = Golden Boulders (just for fun :D ) Anti-Gravity = ??? Death's Touch. With Ipecac, fetus in a jar, or epic fetus, you can create as many blue hearts as you have the patience to generate! Death's Touch = ??? Ludovico Technique Mutant Spider (Quad Shot) Polyphemus Sacred Heart Dr. Fetus D6 Epic Fetus D100 Stop Watch Godhead These items are found in locked golden chests. The Ludovico technique is a love it or hate it item, but there are some synergies that make it a truly win-running carry. Proptosis = Shrinks into tiny pebble before breaking automatically at a certain size? Sort by. Mom's Knife: Overrides Bird's Eye.

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