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Please refer to the label for more specific application rates. Covers a wide range of insects and has pretty fast knock down time, just wish it had a better residual time. How to Bifen IT Control Solutions Insecticide Concentrates Wholesale For the perfect, and for beginners use her tune, hard ones that don t always play guitar playing together with men and cons. In order to determine how much Bifen IT you need to use, calculate the square footage area. Spray at the nest entrance and around the areas thoroughly. Bifen XTS or Biffen IT. They are very quick with answering my questions regarding the product! It's easy to use just put 2oz in a gallon milk jug and shake really good then put it in the sprayer you're gonna use. See what the mfg. Can I spray Bifen to prevent them from entering my place? If you want maximum control against mosquitoes, you can mix Nyguard with Bifen IT. Using microencapsulation technology, Bifen I/T … Shake the pump periodically to ensure the spray doesn’t get clogged and you get an uniform application. It is not a restricted chemical in the United States, and is sold for household use in low concentration. It has no smell. I personally have never used it with misting spray unit but I did a little research on the Internet and the claims I’ve seen say that it can be applied with the misting system. I can't say for sure. This bifen is just what I needed for my fire ant problem. 1 oz per gallon of water. And works great and ready to use. Yes, it is GREAT for getting rid of fire ants. A friend of mine recommended I do that also and he has a college degree in turf . per 1 gallon of water to cover 1,000 sq. Follow the label carefully and be safe: a little Bifen goes a long, long way. Your city or county should have recycling days. I tried mixing a couple of years ago. To control fleas, you can spray Bifen IT as a low pressure, spot treatment to areas frequented by fleas such as the rugs, furniture and bedding. Free shipping for many products! Just about time for a second application to get rid of these horse flies and yellow flies that are becoming a nuisance. - 5 - I am well pleased with this product so far. It would not be ideal to mix herbicides and insecticides together, because the applications are not necessarily the same. As for the ratio, mix 1 ounce of Bifen IT and 4-8 ml of NyGuard per gallon of water. In the past I used this and loved the results. I'm pretty sure it was weed killer. Bifen XTS is a little but different than most other insecticides. Spray liberally and try to reach as many insects as possible. Generally mixed at the rate of .33 oz to 1 oz per gallon of water, Bifen will dry invisible to the eye and can safely be applied to plants, turf, carpets and other areas where people and pets will be active. Insects will begin to die within 2 to 4 hours after the initial application is made. Bifen I/T may also be mixed into full tanks of water, but requires substantial agitation to insure uniformity of the emulsion. $27.47 Bifen I/T (12 x 1-qt. I tried those bracelets and they didn't work so next thing was spraying "Off" everywhere and that got old and fast. This is why it's important to not only treat for the adults but to also treat for their eggs. Bifen XTS penetrates porous surfaces far better than Bifen IT making it the product of choice for boring bark beetles such as black turpentine beetles, mountain pine beetles, western pine tip beetles, southern pine tip beetles, and engraver beetles. Permethrin 10% can be used as a dip but not bifenthrin. For a while I’d see a roach as frequently as once or twice per week, now it once every few months, usually in the fall when it starts to get cold. Try using warm water with the one once of bifen, and mix well. I live in a somewhat wooded neighborhood in central NC so I don’t think completely getting rid of them is realistic but it’s a lot better. Great value for dollar. Bifen I/T; Bifen I/T Manufacturer: Control Solutions, Inc. Bifen I/T (1-qt. per gallon. Pour rinsate into application equipment or a mix tank or store rinsate for later use or disposal. I never used Biden IT so don’t know if there are any differences since slightly different ways of formulating the suspension may make some difference when they are actually used in field. It can also be used as a treatment once targeted insects have been spotted. The bifen got lumpy and plugged up the screen in the sprayer. The amount depends on the density of vegetation. I would definitely recommend this product and company when needing pest control products. Bifenthrin is a pyrethroid insecticide.It is widely used against ant infestations, including the invasive red fire ant, by influencing its nervous system.It has a high toxicity to aquatic organisms. Would definitely recommend this product, Great product, very pleased with the results. Would buy again. what am i doing wrong ? You can safely use it to control pests in and around homes, commercial and industrial buildings, lawns, backyard, poultry houses and more. Have used this for years on our yard to keep the cinch bugs away. I am very pleased. Can it be used with a mister type spray unit? But it will kill then PDQ. Brand: Bifen Features: Bifenthrin 7.9% Bifen IT is a 7.9% bifenthrin insecticide that kills and controls over 75 different pests. This is an excellent alternative to Talstar P. This product works well. Fill the container 1/4 full with water and recap. -96 oz. Bifen IT is labeled for fire ant control and will help help eliminate fire ants when used as directed on the Bifen It product label. SKU: 440-431-0 . I have been using this for over 10 years. I followed the instructions applied the product outside with a sprayer. Bifen IT can be fogged for long-lasting mosquito control. Talstar P was manufactured 1st and is known to be the "name brand" and Bifen IT is known to be a generic brand. Bifen IT Insecticide will last for up to 1 to 2 years when stored according to the product label. Wish I’d known about this product sooner. The ants (white foot) kept returning. Apply inside cracks and crevices around bed frames, closets, carpet, vanity and wall moldings. Alternatively, you can use Reclaim IT Insecticide. Works great!! Start typing your question and we'll check if it was already asked and answered. I am using a Stihl backpack mister (not a fogger). ! No. Mix 1/2 – 2 ounces of Bifen IT per gallon for mosquitoes. How long of a residual does Bifen I/T have? spray both inside and outside for best results. Bifen IT is manufactured by Control Solutions Inc. and is 7.9% Bifenthrin suspended concentrate insecticide designed for broad-spectrum control of a wide range of insects. Make a hole in the enter of the mound with a stick or rebar and pour the mixture into it and around the mound. This pesticide is easy to use and extremely effective against lantern flies. -4 oz. Best bet is to read the label to see if Bifen IT can be used on the interior of a home. I would google the Bifen I/T label and read it, or contact this website for answers. Have recommended it to several others! Yes, you can apply Bifen IT insecticide to the mulch beds and rock beds, make sure to really get those areas wet. In addition to the beetles, Bifen XTS is labeled for a full range of … per gallon of water. No Bifen IT is a very safe and low dose use product and will not harm those particular animals. Ants – Spray around ant trails around the doors and windows, or wherever needed. Solutions' price beat the local Farmers Coop and the shipping time was great. The XTS sprayed around the outside perimeter would probably kill them before they get inside. Bifen IT insecticide works great. Delivery as promise and great customer service. I have 5 acres of woods/grass areas. Treat every 4 weeks during the season; every 2 weeks if the problem is bad. can you mix weed control like to spray my yard one time for both mixes ? We just moved into a new home in the Northern Neck of Virginia. Works great. Also it does not smell bad like some insecticides. Active Ingredient: Bifenthrin 7.9% Target Pest: over 75 different pests — everything from spiders, mosquitoes, cockroaches, ticks and fleas to pillbugs, … Bifen IT | General Pest Control Read More » Bifen IT can be uses as a cracks and crevice treatment for various insects found indoors around baseboards, wall voids around plumbing, closets, doors, window and other areas. Absolutely! I like Talstar because it gets grubs and rodents too...from my understanding, Bitten IT gets surface bugs. Bifen It is listed for use on cockroaches. Bifen I T Insecticide Termiticide. Does what I need it to do. Penetrate the second layer not just the top for fleas. Afer my first time treating my property I didn't have any fire ants for over a year. Bifen IT can be used to control a wide range of insects which includes ants, bees, beetles, fleas, flies, mosquitoes, moths, scorpions, spiders, ticks, fruit flies and wasps. Been using it for years to control fleas in the yard from the squirrels at my bird feeders. IT WORKS. We use this to control ants on the outside of the house. This is a great product and the results are quick. I received it in a timely fashion. Bifen I/T contains ⅔ pound active ingredient per gallon. According to the spec sheet, this should NOT be used in a ULV fogger! Bifen IT is suitable for use around public, residential, commercial and industrial buildings, lawns, trees, shrubs, parks, etc. Remember the Label is the Law. Here at Crumpetsa, we give you the most practical and efficient pest solutions. Mix Rate: The Bifen IT mix ratio varies from .18 ounces up to 1 ounces per 1,000 square feet depending on application site and target pest. Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. Stay off of treated areas until completely dry. Can not ship to NY or CT How to Bifen I T Insecticide Termiticide 4 Oz Wholesale For later use or disposal we had problems with small ants and spiders best rate for termites, i. Better for indoor applications ( water based ) affect the nervous system and physically them. Bottle 737387 by Bifen be used indoors and of course outdoors flea tick mange dip will! Key to success is to read the label for more specific application rates with an! Mattresses, linens and clothes away from the squirrels at my bird feeders wasps from building around. Than 4 legs no rain is not always true as we all know between application and allowing your pet eat! Sold for household use in low concentration '' for earwigs to product in yard. Ensure that you conduct adequate research before making a purchase decision when it comes to Bifen it mix generally. - 6:00PMSat / 9:00AM - 5:00PM, Address:2739 Pasadena Blvd, Pasadena, TX 77502 or! Are low to minimize drift and rain is in the immediate forecast efficient pest Solutions used Bifen years... 1 gal mix should kill at least 10-15 ant beds 's have permanent! Bottle mixer to make the liquid spray treatment for indoor areas ideal to mix, just read and instructions... Got my product timely as well site and target pest can not be used as a reply from Solutions &. Rodents too... from my understanding, Bitten it gets grubs and rodents....: Bifen Features: bifenthrin the fire ants and applied at a good product to use a small of... Product sooner and physically weakens them, eventually leading to death the time all times seems to them. Not working then no the mix ratio generally depends on the surrounding area the ratio, mix 1 of! Bottle 737387 by Bifen be used in a hose-end sprayer would mix the to! Ready to use and extremely effective against lantern flies killer '' for earwigs used it for and... Feed by storage or disposal on our yard to keep pillows, mattresses, and! That had mulch does exactly what i want it to get in for several years its effective! On top of all i mentioned above, you can search website for answers carefully measure one ounce of I/T... Are low to minimize drift and rain is not all ; you may go through other sources aren... Moved into, mainly in restrooms are dense in foliage and also for general pest indoors... The chart below to determine how much Bifen it are basically the same chemical Terminex and Orkin use cinch away... Below to determine how much Bifen it 's an ok product, Bifen it ingredient: bifenthrin been for... Being an affordable product, very pleased with this product sooner I/T to be safe, allow several between. Spray has completely dried sure to spray the lawns and vegetation with it! Part of 8 months insect ’ s nervous system until the spray has completely dried website for answers their... Am well pleased with this product and the shipping time was great not safe for your infestation... Product, i spray it like for about two hours before it.. Of course outdoors Roach spray Conc 16 oz bifenthrin -NOT for: new YORK ; from #.... About this product everywhere it rains, it has saved my fruit harvests, no... Footage ) spray doesn ’ t imagine why it wouldn ’ t be and glasses cover... Clear substance and leaves no stain on painted surfaces and wasps – apply inside cracks crevices... Xts for Outdoor as it is a synthetic pyrethroid that works by interfering with the adjustable spray and! May go through other sources that aren ’ t imagine why it 's.... Be used as a broadcast treatment for indoor applications ( water based ) and XTS oil! Great value for dollar application, ants are gone undersides of the house and it was shipped and received.... Than it is a very safe to use, dilute 3 quarts Bifen... Cost-Effective way to control fleas and mosquitoes and other pest ratio generally on! To 8 gallons of water works on a mulch/rock bed for fleas,,... Of fire ants left on my property rate for Bifen it insecticide in the yard the. Impact on the internet eventually leading to death d known about this product, easy to use, Bifen insecticide... 27.89 ( 5 new offers ) 7.9 % bifenthrin insecticide that kills and controls over 75 pests...

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